Heather Lynn. 23.
We are but a moment's sunlight, fading in the grass.

Music History.
Big Band.
The 80's.
British English.
Classic Rock.
The 60's.

I'm pretty random.
  • Aretha Franklin- Today I Sing The Blues (1960)

    On this day (Oct. 11) in 1960: Aretha Franklin made her live stage debut at the Village Vanguard in New York City
  • simplybek:

    The Experience in Central Park, 1968

    I’ve sat in Alice’s lap before in Central Park! To think that Jimi was there in that same spot 42 years before me…

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  • afro-art-chick:

    Dancers at a Harlem Nightclub

    Original caption: New York, NY: Black couples dance to swing in Harlem Nightclub, early 1930’s. IMAGE:
    © Bettmann/CORBIS

    ca. 1930s

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  • Dusty Springfield- Come Back To Me (1967)

    From the 1965 Broadway musical, ‘On A Clear Day You Can See Forever’, with reworked lyrics- a requirement if the song was to make any sense outside of the show.

    Sandwiched between ‘Welcome Home’ and ‘If You Go Away’ on the album Where Am I Going?, it was decidedly out of place.

    On your mark, now get set
    Hop a mule, hop a jet in a towel wringing wet
    I don’t care
    This is where you should be

    From the hills to the shore
    Ride the wind to my door
    Turn the highways to dust
    Break the law if you must
    Move the world, only just come back to me

    Must I yell ‘til I’m blue?
    Where are you and will you come back to me?
    Have you gone to the moon
    Or the corner saloon?
    In Rome or Rangoon, I’m a wreck
    Where in heck can you be?
    Love the lyrics & the big band.

  • flavorpill:




    Asking random New Yorkers with headphones on what song they’re listening to.

    Oh I totally love this.

    People have the best reactions to this. 

    Shout out to Colony Records at 3:17!! I would do this for a job. This is cool.

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  • Ellie Greenwich- You Don’t Know

    Penned by George “Shadow” Morton, Jeff Barry & Ellie.
    Recorded on Red Bird in 1965.

    I. love. her. voice. And that amazing echoing, ambient sound.

  • So beautiful. Still so different with out the Twin Towers.

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